What Are Wrestling Kick Pads?

Many people watch wrestling without much thought to the equipment and gear they are seeing. Often the gear is actually disguised so you are not aware you are seeing it. A perfect example of this type of gear is wrestling kick pads.

These pads are gear worn to protect the shins and the top of the foot when giving or receiving blows. The pads are constructed of several different materials. The materials vary depending on what the pads are being used for, training or competition. The exterior is covered in neoprene, leather, or another synthetic material. The interior of the pad contains a foam layer that provides the maximum amount of protection from a hit or strike. The pads can be worn either with shoes or without.

Several athletes use the pads and not just wrestlers. Many different genres of combat sports utilize these pads. Some combat athletes only wear the pads during training. These athletes usually use the pads that are covered in neoprene. They are lighter and breathe more than other materials. These features allow an athlete to safely train without being hindered by the equipment.

Many wrestlers wear them during competition. Their kick pads are typically made from a durable leather. The leather can be customized to resemble a boot. Several wrestlers will have them custom made to match their trunks with proper sizing. There are endless styles to purchase online making customization a luxury not really a necessity. Wrestling kick pads 2018 styles are just now making their way onto the market. Every year is sure to produce a new outlandish style, color, pattern, or design. The basic structure of the pads has remained virtually unchanged for years.

The pads vary greatly in price ranging from around twenty dollars to several hundred dollars for customized pads. It is important to note that not everyone calls them kick pads. They are regularly referred to as shin guards, instep guards, and leg guards. The terms are interchangeable and there is no single correct term for the protective equipment.

There is no shortage of places to purchase the safety gear. Kick pads, shin guards, instep guards or leg guards, it does not matter the name you use only what you want from the product. Tons of retailers are found online that carry the product. Stores that sell martial arts equipment, wrestling equipment, or combat sports equipment all stock a few of the pads. The best variety, is, of course, found online.