The Evolution Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

BJJ as a Combat Sport

BJJ refers to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It is a form of mix martial arts that focuses on ground maneuvering and grappling. This style of combat support was unknown at the time of its early days in the twentieth century. Then the sport was introduced and practiced by Carlos Gracie. Carlos was famous for his Judo in Brazil, and he took the ground fighting styles of BJJ and experimented with it to refine the grappling techniques. Carlos version of the modified BJJ was passed on to his family and the BJJ style started to evolve from there.

Style of BJJ

BJJ is a ground and grappling fighting style. The fighting stratagem is on the precisions of techniques over power and size. Thus, BJJ is an ideal sport for people of all sizes. For weaker people, it is a combat art that helps them to compete with bigger opponents with more control and leverage. For people who are bigger, this style helps them to understand the grappling game that helps them to become a better fighter with more skills and styles. The sport is ideal for people of all sizes and skill level. In professional sports, BJJ training is used for most grappling tournaments, and the rise of MMA (mixed martial arts) combat sports has taken BJJ to new heights.

The Popularity of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The popularity of BJJ is unprecedented. The combat style has taken over the fighting sports by storm, especially with MMA going mainstream and fighters from all styles combating to make name for themselves. Never before the sports of mix martial arts were endorsed commercially as today. The MMA fighters of today can compete and not only make their nation proud, but they could make millions from their fighting skills. A BJJ fighter has the ground game to compete and win in MMA big time, and thus the sport becomes the premier grappling style that every good fighter is willing to master. The submission style of BJJ is endorsed by world-class athletes and with the widespread appreciation of the combat style over the Internet; BJJ has become a cultural phenomenon.

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