Month: January 2018

Essential MMA And Wrestling Accessories

As with any sport, different forms of wrestling call for a number of essential gear. In this article, we will mainly talk in brief about the most important accessories that all MMA or Mixed Martial Arts practitioners must acquire before their training. However, the majority of these gear actually form part of wrestling accessories and you’re going to need them no matter what sort of wrestling game you are pursuing.

Grappling/ Fight Shorts

There are special MMA shorts as well as board shorts and you make your purchase depending on what game you are interested in. But make sure that you invest in good quality shorts with superior flexibility in the upper leg and the groin areas and which fit comfortably and permit a full range of movements for the wearer. We recommend Polyester or Nylon shorts since they are better at preventing sweat absorption.

Mouth Guard

A mouthpiece or a mouth guard is essential both during training and competing. They keep your teeth and jaws protected and strange as it may sound at first, they will also help you with your fitness. This is due to the fact that while you are wearing a mouthpiece, you will be forced to breathe primarily through your nose and that always goes a long way in preserving your energy and increasing your stamina.

Groin Guard

A quality groin guard or a cup is essential for MMA fighters. Many choose not to wear a cup during training sessions, but we would advise on the contrary. Getting hit low is not too common, but it does happen and when it does, the pain can be quite debilitating.


This is a must-have for games that involve sparring. In fact, most gyms and schools will not even allow you inside the ring without a personal headgear.

Rash Guard

This one may not sound essential but we insist that it is. MMA hygiene is something that is often overlooked, but it shouldn’t be. A rash guard will help you keep any skin infection in the bay. Abrasions and rashes are a common occurrence during training and grappling, so it’s best to play safe!

Boxing Gloves

You may not need it for wrestling, but for MMA—an absolute essential, such as when you go for hooks, jabs, strikes, or uppercuts. If you are competing at an MMA event, you’ll need to have special MMA gloves.

Hand Wraps

While gloves protect your hands, hand wraps are still necessary for added protection since the wraps save the small bones in your hands from catching injury or fractures.

Apart from the above, other vital MMA and wrestling accessories include shin guards, jump rope, stability ball, focus mitts, thigh pads and yes, an MMA attire!


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