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Boxing Gear: The Essentials For Training

Boxing is a form of hand-to-hand combat that has been around for centuries in slightly different forms. The modern version is more disciplined and rigid, with strict rules that govern every aspect of the sport. Affectionately called, the sweet science, its most decorated practitioners have displayed skills that captured the imagination of the public. Whether you wish to follow their footsteps or simply use this as a vehicle to get fit, you should get high-quality boxing gear that can bring out your best.

Hand Wraps

It all starts with the hand wraps. Punch your heart out make seem like fun but your hands will definitely feel the pain after a while, especially if you didn’t wrap it properly. Your knuckles may turn black and blue. The skin may peel off and blisters may develop. The small bones may get broken upon impact. It is vital that you cover your hands with several layers of wrapping tape. This should be breathable to minimize sweat while maximizing comfort. These come in different lengths. Get the long ones for greater protection.


Wraps are not always enough. You need more cushion from the impact forces when you punch your way in training or actual matches. This is usually provided by gloves, the design of which you should be familiar with if you’ve watched any fight on TV. These come in various weights with the lighter ones being good for faster hands but they’re not as cushioned as heavier models. The wrist may be closed through laces or Velcro. Some have closed fingers and others are open. Check breathability as well.

Speed Bag

The speed bag is available in boxing gyms but you can purchase one for your home if you wish to practice there. Get the whole assembly for a good price. It isn’t hard to assemble and instructions will be included in the package. Read the full review of the products that you’re interested in to check the remarks about the quality of construction and product durability. You will be pounding on this repeatedly so make sure that it can take it.

Heavy Bag

The heavy bag can stand in for the body of your opponent. Imagine him in front of you and attack it from different angles. These come in different sizes and weights. They also come in various types of fillers. Some come only with the skin and chain which makes them portable. You must fill them with water in order to expand. Other use high-density foam or a special filler blend for shock absorption. The covering may be leather, canvas, or similar materials. This can be further softened by using bag wrap.

Punch Mitts

During one-on-one coaching sessions, your trainer will be using punch mitts to practice your moves during a fight. It will be a repetitive series of drills that will continue until everything is second nature. Then muscle memory will allow you to react quickly during the match. You don’t even have to think hard about the combinations. You may also get mitts if you plan on training with your friends or your kids.

Head Gear

This is often used during sparring sessions at the gym and even in amateur matches. The main objective is too soft the blows to the head which could result in brain injury. It will also partially cover the face at the sides. The torso may be covered as well. Given this amount of protection, multiple rounds of sparring can be logged without worrying about injuries and bruises.

Mouth Piece

Direct punches to the mouth can result in broken teeth. This bloody situation can and should be avoided through the use of a mouth guard. Sparring sessions and matches cannot proceed without it. If one of the fighters loses his, then the fight is paused until it is put back in place.

Boxing Shoes

Although most sports shoes might suffice for training, using specific boxing shoes is still ideal as they will have the characteristics necessary to perform well. The outsole will have the grip so as not to slide even when the canvas gets wet. The shoes will go up way past the ankles to provide stability during side-to-side movements.


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