Buying Grappling Dummy Guide

You try different types of diets, supplements, exercises and training programs to improve your MMA skills. There is one more thing you can use to improve your mixed martial arts skills. A grappling dummy is an excellent tool to practice your grappling moves. You can try new takedown ideas and concepts on it. The dummy eliminates the need for a human training partner. You do not have to find such a partner to practice your MMA moves. The grappling dummy lets you practice your MMA moves at any time. It is important to know what type of dummy is best for you.

You must know the difference between a grappling dummy and a throwing dummy. The first one is designed to practice the grappling techniques. Moves that involve grappling and taking down your opponent can be practiced with this type of dummy. It is flexible and lightweight. It quickly returns back to its original design, shape, and position so it can be as fast as you. You can practice a variety of moves with it. The throwing dummy is designed to practice throws. These dummies are made with durable and strong materials. Use these dummies to practice throws, submissions, strikes, and takedowns. Both types of dummies let you practice your martial arts moves without the fear of injuring your training partner. You can practice with a partner at the training center and use a dummy to practice at home.

A grappling dummy is a good aid system to have when you are practicing MMA skills. It is especially useful for beginners who are just starting to learn the takedown skills. Intermediate and advanced practitioners of MMA need this dummy when they want to practice a new technique. There are times when a training partner is not available. Use a full-length human dummy at such times to practice all your grappling moves. The dummy is slightly soft and made with durable materials.

Many people consider this dummy a waste of time. However, it has its advantages, especially for beginners and people who cannot find a training partner. A dummy is not a substitute for a real partner but you cannot find such a partner every time you want to practice. A practice partner can be found only at a training center. At other times, you are on your own and have to practice by self. A better option is to practice with a dummy. There are no restrictions, obligations, and responsibilities when you practice with a grappling dummy. It is always ready to help you practice. You can try whatever MMA skills you want to practice. Visit this page to find the dummy you need.


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The Evolution Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

BJJ as a Combat Sport

BJJ refers to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It is a form of mix martial arts that focuses on ground maneuvering and grappling. This style of combat support was unknown at the time of its early days in the twentieth century. Then the sport was introduced and practiced by Carlos Gracie. Carlos was famous for his Judo in Brazil, and he took the ground fighting styles of BJJ and experimented with it to refine the grappling techniques. Carlos version of the modified BJJ was passed on to his family and the BJJ style started to evolve from there.

Style of BJJ

BJJ is a ground and grappling fighting style. The fighting stratagem is on the precisions of techniques over power and size. Thus, BJJ is an ideal sport for people of all sizes. For weaker people, it is a combat art that helps them to compete with bigger opponents with more control and leverage. For people who are bigger, this style helps them to understand the grappling game that helps them to become a better fighter with more skills and styles. The sport is ideal for people of all sizes and skill level. In professional sports, BJJ training is used for most grappling tournaments, and the rise of MMA (mixed martial arts) combat sports has taken BJJ to new heights.

The Popularity of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The popularity of BJJ is unprecedented. The combat style has taken over the fighting sports by storm, especially with MMA going mainstream and fighters from all styles combating to make name for themselves. Never before the sports of mix martial arts were endorsed commercially as today. The MMA fighters of today can compete and not only make their nation proud, but they could make millions from their fighting skills. A BJJ fighter has the ground game to compete and win in MMA big time, and thus the sport becomes the premier grappling style that every good fighter is willing to master. The submission style of BJJ is endorsed by world-class athletes and with the widespread appreciation of the combat style over the Internet; BJJ has become a cultural phenomenon.

With the popularity of BJJ today, there are many MMA facilities that offer completes training of this martial art style. Many online stores provide complete information on the fighting styles, the institutions where BJJ sessions are offered and the discounts you can avail on BJJ accessories and fighting gears. At, all information that pertains to health and supplements can be easily tracked that fighters can use to their advantage. Moreover, the online platform covers information on BJJ grappling dummies used for BJJ practicing.


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Essential MMA And Wrestling Accessories

As with any sport, different forms of wrestling call for a number of essential gear. In this article, we will mainly talk in brief about the most important accessories that all MMA or Mixed Martial Arts practitioners must acquire before their training. However, the majority of these gear actually form part of wrestling accessories and you’re going to need them no matter what sort of wrestling game you are pursuing.

Grappling/ Fight Shorts

There are special MMA shorts as well as board shorts and you make your purchase depending on what game you are interested in. But make sure that you invest in good quality shorts with superior flexibility in the upper leg and the groin areas and which fit comfortably and permit a full range of movements for the wearer. We recommend Polyester or Nylon shorts since they are better at preventing sweat absorption.

Mouth Guard

A mouthpiece or a mouth guard is essential both during training and competing. They keep your teeth and jaws protected and strange as it may sound at first, they will also help you with your fitness. This is due to the fact that while you are wearing a mouthpiece, you will be forced to breathe primarily through your nose and that always goes a long way in preserving your energy and increasing your stamina.

Groin Guard

A quality groin guard or a cup is essential for MMA fighters. Many choose not to wear a cup during training sessions, but we would advise on the contrary. Getting hit low is not too common, but it does happen and when it does, the pain can be quite debilitating.


This is a must-have for games that involve sparring. In fact, most gyms and schools will not even allow you inside the ring without a personal headgear.

Rash Guard

This one may not sound essential but we insist that it is. MMA hygiene is something that is often overlooked, but it shouldn’t be. A rash guard will help you keep any skin infection in the bay. Abrasions and rashes are a common occurrence during training and grappling, so it’s best to play safe!

Boxing Gloves

You may not need it for wrestling, but for MMA—an absolute essential, such as when you go for hooks, jabs, strikes, or uppercuts. If you are competing at an MMA event, you’ll need to have special MMA gloves.

Hand Wraps

While gloves protect your hands, hand wraps are still necessary for added protection since the wraps save the small bones in your hands from catching injury or fractures.

Apart from the above, other vital MMA and wrestling accessories include shin guards, jump rope, stability ball, focus mitts, thigh pads and yes, an MMA attire!


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Boxing Gear: The Essentials For Training

Boxing is a form of hand-to-hand combat that has been around for centuries in slightly different forms. The modern version is more disciplined and rigid, with strict rules that govern every aspect of the sport. Affectionately called, the sweet science, its most decorated practitioners have displayed skills that captured the imagination of the public. Whether you wish to follow their footsteps or simply use this as a vehicle to get fit, you should get high-quality boxing gear that can bring out your best.

Hand Wraps

It all starts with the hand wraps. Punch your heart out make seem like fun but your hands will definitely feel the pain after a while, especially if you didn’t wrap it properly. Your knuckles may turn black and blue. The skin may peel off and blisters may develop. The small bones may get broken upon impact. It is vital that you cover your hands with several layers of wrapping tape. This should be breathable to minimize sweat while maximizing comfort. These come in different lengths. Get the long ones for greater protection.


Wraps are not always enough. You need more cushion from the impact forces when you punch your way in training or actual matches. This is usually provided by gloves, the design of which you should be familiar with if you’ve watched any fight on TV. These come in various weights with the lighter ones being good for faster hands but they’re not as cushioned as heavier models. The wrist may be closed through laces or Velcro. Some have closed fingers and others are open. Check breathability as well.

Speed Bag

The speed bag is available in boxing gyms but you can purchase one for your home if you wish to practice there. Get the whole assembly for a good price. It isn’t hard to assemble and instructions will be included in the package. Read the full review of the products that you’re interested in to check the remarks about the quality of construction and product durability. You will be pounding on this repeatedly so make sure that it can take it.

Heavy Bag

The heavy bag can stand in for the body of your opponent. Imagine him in front of you and attack it from different angles. These come in different sizes and weights. They also come in various types of fillers. Some come only with the skin and chain which makes them portable. You must fill them with water in order to expand. Other use high-density foam or a special filler blend for shock absorption. The covering may be leather, canvas, or similar materials. This can be further softened by using bag wrap.

Punch Mitts

During one-on-one coaching sessions, your trainer will be using punch mitts to practice your moves during a fight. It will be a repetitive series of drills that will continue until everything is second nature. Then muscle memory will allow you to react quickly during the match. You don’t even have to think hard about the combinations. You may also get mitts if you plan on training with your friends or your kids.

Head Gear

This is often used during sparring sessions at the gym and even in amateur matches. The main objective is too soft the blows to the head which could result in brain injury. It will also partially cover the face at the sides. The torso may be covered as well. Given this amount of protection, multiple rounds of sparring can be logged without worrying about injuries and bruises.

Mouth Piece

Direct punches to the mouth can result in broken teeth. This bloody situation can and should be avoided through the use of a mouth guard. Sparring sessions and matches cannot proceed without it. If one of the fighters loses his, then the fight is paused until it is put back in place.

Boxing Shoes

Although most sports shoes might suffice for training, using specific boxing shoes is still ideal as they will have the characteristics necessary to perform well. The outsole will have the grip so as not to slide even when the canvas gets wet. The shoes will go up way past the ankles to provide stability during side-to-side movements.


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A Short History Of MMA And Its Component Disciplines

Each corner of the globe has produced its own traditions when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. These have evolved throughout time. There are usually some forms of organized competition that pit the practitioners of each against their fellows. However, it’s the prospect of seeing all of them mix it up in a ring that truly builds up a lot of excitement. This is what mixed martial arts is all about: seeing the best of the best from various disciplines showing their supremacy. It is the ultimate test of skills. While it may seem like a recent phenomenon with the rise of UFC and similar leagues, it actually dates back to ancient times and has always existed in the background.

MMA Throughout History

For instance, the ancient Greeks enjoyed the sport of pankration. This featured fighters that used both striking and grappling to subdue their opponents, not unlike what we have today. Greece has a long tradition of wrestling and boxing. Many of the skills honed through these disciplines were used in pankration. Virtually anything goes inside the ring except blatantly foul moves such as gouging and biting. There were no rounds or time limits so the match drags on until one fighter has submitted. The sport was so popular that becomes part of the Olympics in 648 BC. When the Romans gained prominence, they copied a great deal from Greek culture including this athletic pursuit.

Fast forward to the 1800s and we see several forms of combat sports emerging in Europe and Asia. We have savate which originated in France. It is often called French kickboxing as it uses strikes with both feet and hands. The best fighters were celebrated in their communities. In England, bare-knuckle boxing was more popular for its simplicity and purity. Practitioners did not wear any padding on their hands. However, they did follow a set of rules for uniformity. In the middle of that century, saboteurs of France and bare-knuckle boxers of England met to find out who would reign supreme. Each team was composed of 5 members who would square off one-by-one with their counterpart. The English team won 4 to 1.

Plenty of fights between boxers and wrestlers followed over the years. Some of them featured individuals at the highest levels of their respective sports. For instance, the American heavyweight boxing champion John Sullivan fought against the Greco-Roman wrestling champion William Muldoon in 1887. The boxer was on a mat after a powerful body slam in just two minutes of action. Similar matchups were made afterward featuring popular fighters from different countries with mixed outcomes. Before the end of the century, an early form of MMA was founded in London called baritsu which combined European and Asian fighting styles with contests throughout England.

Bruce Lee was pivotal in the emergence of modern MMA. When he came along in the 1960s, he introduced a style of fighting that adapted to the opponent and the environment. He believed that the best person isn’t restricted to one form of martial art or another. It would be the individual who can use different skills when necessary. This requires mastery of various disciplines and essentially creating one’s own style of fighting. He demonstrated this numerous times through his system called Jeet Kune Do. For his philosophy, he is credited by many as the father of mixed martial arts.

Popular Disciplines

Among the most popular disciplines in the sport, aside from boxing and wrestling, is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The Gracie family is considered as the vanguard of BJJ and many of the prominent masters come from their clan. They became a sensation in the 1990s when Royce Gracie managed to win the earliest editions of the Ultimate Fighting Championships. It didn’t matter that his opponents were larger than him or using other styles. He was able to subdue them using his grappling techniques and proficiency in ground fighting. A lot of fighters today get the best grappling dummy for BJJ, Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, MMA, and Judo, that they can find to practice the holds and chokes, as well as the necessary defense for each.

Muay Thai is considered as a great system for strikers. Many MMA fighters try to learn this discipline to improve their game and make themselves more well-rounded. Whereas boxers can only use their hands to strike, muay thai allows kicks, knees, and elbows. You can use various forms of attacks in any situation whether the opponent is near or far. For instance, you may use kicks for long distance attacks to close the gap immediately. Knees and hands may be suitable for middle distance throws. Elbows are extremely useful when the other fighter is close as in a clinch.

Judo is another discipline that has a lot of proponents. There have been countless successful MMA fighters that came from this sport. They rose from the amateur ranks and obtained their black belts or gained Olympics medals before going professional. Some of the most popular ones include Ronda Rousey who won a bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics. Anderson Silva, the former number one UFC fighter, also holds a black belt in judo. Others are Fedor Emelianenko, a Russian national bronze medalist; and Hidenko Yoshida, Olympic gold medalist.

Taekwondo is another specialty in the resumé of numerous elite MMA fighters. The style has influenced their strategies on the ring, particularly when using kicks. Many of them have black belts and are themselves instructors who teach up-and-coming practitioners. Examples include the talented Anderson Silva, former UFC champion Anthony Pettis, Benson Henderson, and Bas Rutten. They usually combine their knowledge in this discipline with other styles depending on the trajectory of the match or the style of their opponent. Taekwondo and Judo are excellent for long distance strikes. Once the other person is down, then can use BJJ hold for a submission.


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